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Questions and Answers...

What sort of recording do you do?


Everything from cutting vocals in living rooms to sessions in some of the finest recording studios in the world


What styles of music do you work on?


Everything. I have major label credits ranging from Jazz on Concord and Sony Music to Hip Hop on Def Jam to Pop releases for RCA and UMG along with tons of Indie Rock and Songwriter releases


Can you tune my vocals?



Do you do mobile recording?


Yes, I’m usually down to work outside of a studio on a case by case basis if its right for the project or more convenient for the artist


What mic or other equipment do you offer to record mobile?


My mobile vocal rig consists of a few choice mics: Telefunken 251 E, Manley Cardioid Ref, Shure SM7 and I use a Martech MSS10 preamp and sometimes an 1176 Rev G or LA3A for compression. For other duties I have a good mic locker and plenty of great tools. Also, most likely way more than anyone would want to buy just to record themselves... 


Do you master?


Short answer no... but if I mixed it, I can provide a DDP file for streaming along with your deliverables and stems


What is the price for….?


My hourly is $60. My in studio daily is $500. Mixing usually ranges from $200 for something like a Guitar/Piano+Voc or Beat+Voc to $500 for high track counts and quick turnarounds. I also do project rates to help with specific budgets. Making music is always priority one so even if you’re strapped, give me a shout and lets see what we can do


Why should I hire you or an engineer at all instead of just recording/mixing/producing myself?


I 100% guarantee you that creating a recording or mix with the skill you hear on most major and many indie label releases takes YEARS of experience. You certainly can do it all yourself but compromising any part of the process can mean a song or record that you are unhappy with, tracking that cannot be used or a completed project that doesn’t connect with the listener because its too messed up (in a not cool way)


How come you know so much?


I spent a few thousand hours sitting behind folks like James Farber, Kevin Killen, Godfrey Diamond, Oliver Straus, Jon Kaplan, Steve Addabbo, Hugh Pool, Bassy Bob Brockman and many others learning how to make records while everyone else was out having a good time


Will you produce my record?


Possibly yes. Let's talk


Will you produce a track for me for my song?


Probably. Shoot me a demo/voice memo of whatcha got


Do you make beats?


Yup, some are here: meh beats | BeatStars Profile Hit me up for a custom beatpack if you have something specific in mind


Do you play an instrument?


Yup. I starting teaching guitar when I was 16 and gigged in NYC playing Jazz and doing sideman work for a few years before I landed a runner gig at a studio


Why is your discography not up to date?


Starting in 2020, I’ve asked not to be credited for any engineering or mix work going forward. This keeps focus on the artist's work and vision, not my own deal or ego


Where can I find you on social media?


I actually don't have social media. Seems like people know where to find me and I stay pretty busy without it


I’m still not sure about something and have more questions…


All good, shoot me an email and ask away


How do I get in touch?

You can email me at:

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